What's New
  • Mozilla Support
  • [Dev. Build] Directional dragging
  • Drag image to download
  • Status bar notification
  • Firefox  0.8 - 0.9+
  • Mozilla  1.4 - 1.7+
  • Windows Linux MacOS

What is it?

It allows you:
1) Drag a link (e.g. google ), text-link (e.g. ), text-uri (e.g. ), image , or bookmark quicklink from bookmarks toolbar folder and throw it anywehere on your webpage (content area) to open it on a new tab.

2) Drag a word or phrase and throw it anywhere on your webpage (content area) to search it through whatever search engine installed/selected in your search bar.

3) Drag an image and throw it anywhere to start downloading it.

Great! ... how about options screen?

Got something to say?

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Here is a link about my friend Xu Yan Zhou .

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