Q: I am a AIO user.... have problem....
A: Maybe you got the following problem by using an older verions of AIO.
Problem description: 1) Drag a link to bookmark toolbar 2) Then to start a gesture, you have to first click somewhere blank in the content area before AIO accept gesture.
Similar problem when dragging link to location bar, to go button, to homebutton , and dragging text to search bar, search button, text box.
Extensions based on the system standard "drag-and-drop" procedure, like "super drag and go", encounts exactly the same inconveniece.
This is a bug in AiO acknowledged by the author of AIO, Marc Boullet:
"What's going on is that releasing the mouse to end the drag (drop) doesn't fire a mouse event. AiO stays with its rocker navigation waiting for a right mouse down. If you try to make a gesture after the D&D, the first right mouse down is interpreted as the end of the rocker navigation and the History Forward action is performed. "

Q: Can I set my own search engine though option?
A: No yet. Current you can only drag text to search throught those engines available through search bar. Future release may add this feature.

Q: With image downloading enabled, how can I temporily disabled it and open a image or image link to a new tab?
A: Holding CTRL key while dragging an image temporily bypasses image downloading and opens the image/image-link in a new tab.

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